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Frequently Asked Questions for Holdem Indicator Poker Calculator
  • Do poker rooms allow Holdem Indicator?
    YES. Holdem Indicator only passively watches your game, and calculates the odds. It does not play the game for you or give any betting advice, and therefore does not violate the regular rules or policies of any poker site. This tool offers you poker odds. It does not use any information you don't already have. It does not read anyone else's cards, and does not share information with your opponents. Holdem Indicator is the official poker odds calculator of Betonline Poker. Holdem Indicator is an officially approved Poker Calculator by PokerStars.
  • Does Holdem Indicator support multiple game tables at the same time?
    Holdem Indicator supports multiple game tables at the same time. You can launch up to 20 (10 on some sites) instances of this Poker Calculator by double clicking the icon of Holdem Indicator multiple times. Each of the Holdem Indicators will work with each of the game tables independently. Also, you can click "Tools" > "Settings" on your Holdem Indicator. Select the option "Find new game tables automatically". After that, your Holdem Indicator will open a new instance automatically if there's a new game table available.
  • Will Holdem Indicator support more poker rooms in future?
    YES. We're working on it. If your site isn't supported right now, it probably will be soon. Thank you for your patience.
  • Does Holdem Indicator support Mac OS?
    Holdem Indicator supports Windows OS only. You can check out our Mac Poker Calculator at iHoldem Indicator.
  • Does Holdem Indicator monitor any personal information of mine? Does Holdem Indicator send any information over the Internet?
    Holdem Indicator does not send any information about your or your opponents' hands over the internet. It does not read anyone else's cards, and does not share information with your opponents. Feel free to download any of the popular network tools and monitor Holdem Indicator if you feel you need to.
  • What kind of games does Holdem Indicator support?
    Holdem Indicator poker calculator supports Limit and NL/PL Texas Hold'em games, including ring games and tournaments.
  • How can I get started?
    Holdem Indicator is very easy to use. You can launch Holdem Indicator before or after you sit in at a table. Then Holdem Indicator will automatically find and attach itself to the game table that you're playing at. We suggest you to try it on play money tables first, so you can get used to the functionalities that Holdem Indicator provides before taking to a real stakes game.
  • I already installed Holdem Indicator. How can I upgrade it?
    You'll get free upgrades for new versions of Holdem Indicator. Holdem Indicator will automatically detect the availability of a newer version and popup a notification message. Also, you can re-download and install Holdem Indicator to get the latest version. You don't need to re-enter the license code after reinstallation if you already unlocked it.
  • Why does Holdem Indicator need to access the Internet?
    Holdem Indicator needs to connect to the server to check the latest software update. If there's a new version available, Holdem Indicator will notify you by popping up a message box. Holdem Indicator won't transfer any data to the server during your play. It won't send any of your private information over the Internet. So it's 100% safe to allow Holdem Indicator to access the Internet.
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